Photo 3

Class Mission
Goals for the Semester
Photograph Rubric
Blog Rubric



Final Draft of "Artist's Statement, Due Friday, 1/24. Please e-mail your final draft.

Final Reflective Voicethread, Photo 3, Due Thursday, 1/22, at the end of the school day. Please e-mail the link.

Rubric for Reflective Voicethread

Rate your favorite photograph

Film Camera

Due Thursday 1/8 - Final Project Self-Assessment

Due Tuesday, 12/9, - Connection to Famous Photographers, Post images and responses on Personal Blog.
Due Thursday, 12/11 - Third roll of film for Final Project
Due Friday, 12/5 - First and second rolls of film for Final Project
Due Monday, 12/1 - First roll of film
Due Monday, 11/24 - Idea for Final Project
Due Thursday, 11/20 - 4 Matted Yarmouth Architecture Photographs - with written self-assessment
Due Friday, 10/31 - Two rolls of film for "Yarmouth Architecture"
Due Monday (at the end of class), 10/27 - Four amazing, matted photographs that describe the "Essence of Maine" with Self-Assessment
Due Wednesday, 10/15 - Two rolls of film for "The Essence of Maine" - Juniors - Please drop your film off first thing Wednesday Morning, 10/15
Due Monday, 10/6 - 3 amazing, well printed and matted 8 x 10 Scavenger Hunt Photographs, with Self-Assessment
Due at the end of class on Thursday, 10/2 - Filter Assignment
Due at the end of class on Wednesday, 9/24 - Color and Contrast
Film Due Thursday, 9/18 - Scavenger Hunt (same as digital assignment, but using your film camera)

Digital Camera

Due Monday, 12/8, Photo of the Week #8, "The Essence of Holiday Spirit", Post to Youthvoices and your Personal Blog.

Rating "Holiday Spirit" Photographs

Due Monday, 11/24 - Photo of the Week #7 - Free-Choice - Idea for final project - Post to Personal Blog.
Due Friday, 11/14 - Photo of the Week #6 - Reflections - Post to and Personal Photo Blog.
Due Tuesday, 11/4 - Update personal blog with 4 "Maine" photographs with the answer to question #1.
Due Tuesday, 11/4 - Update youthvoices. net with all 4 "Maine" photographs and reflection - you will have 4 posts for this.

Due Wednesday, 10/29, paragraph for Frank Lloyd Wright and two images for Yarmouth Architecture - post on
On-going/Friday, 10/31 - update your edublogs site with photographs of your choice - please write a brief descriptor about you photographs - choose a presentation theme that does not compete with your photographs - Consider posting other work here as well.
Due Tuesday, 10/21, 2 photographs for printing and 8 to be considered for note cards (from In-class color assignment: Color Schemes) Put work in a folder on the Photo 3 server. Indicate which two you would like to print.
Due Tuesday, 10/21, Photo of the Week #5 - Free Choice - Post to YouthVoices by the end of the day.
Due Wednesday (by the end of class), 10/8 - In-class color assignment - Color Schemes
Due Wednesday, 10/8 - Photo of the Week #4 - The Essence of Autumn
Due Tuesday, 9/30 - Photo of the Week #3 - Color Schemes
Due Monday, 9/22 - Photo of the Week #2 - Review - Unusual Perspective
Due Friday, 9/12 - Photo of the Week #1 - Free-Choice

In-Class Scavenger Hunt