Photo One - Composition - Digital Camera Assignment

Goal: To create successful digital photographs, using thoughtful and well-planned compositions.

  1. Complete the "composition poster assignment, then log onto the following web site:

  2. to view more tips for successful photographs.

  3. Once you have a good understanding of Composition, using your digital camera, photograph as many different compositions as possible, several times. You have approximately 30 minutes to do this.

  4. As you are photographing, purposefully select a compositional strategy to demonstrate in each shot you make.

  5. Shoot any subject you wish, as long as you pay attention to the composition.

  6. Avoid central placement of your subject.

  7. Compositional Strategies: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, triangular, repetition of elements, s-curve, radial

  8. Additional Compositional Tips: framing, leading/implied lines, rule of thirds.

  9. Be prepared to explain and discuss your results!