Capture the Essence of “Autumn”

Due Wednesday, October 8th


  • To photograph “Autumn” with your digital camera.
  • To continue to look at and communicate a variety of color schemes.

On your Blog:
  1. Post two different photographs that are taken at different times of the day.
  2. Write a paragraph for each (using at least 4 sentences each) that describes how you were successful in communicating "Autumn", as well as what time of day the photograph was taken. Include the color scheme present.

Helpful Hints
  • Communicate what Autumn is all about, as if your audience has never seen Autumn in Maine.
  • Think about composition, color and contrast. Review color schemes.
  • Look closely at light and shadow.
  • Photograph at different times in the day; different times of day produce different color light.
  • Besides trees and leaves, what else describes “Autumn”? Be creative with your subject matter.