Purpose: To capture people communicating a mood, emotion, message through body language or expression

You will print at least three, 8" x 10" 35 mm black & white photographs

Be prepared to process film on Tuesday 2/3 W and Wednesday 2/4 B

Consider the following:

  • You may or may not want the same person for all 3 portraits.
  • Bracket by overexposing one stop and underexposing one stop, especially in unusual light situations.
  • Use the quality of light to enhance the mood of the portrait - side-lighting, back lighting, silhouettes, filtered light,...etc.
  • Spend some time with the subject-get him/her to relax.
  • Avoid placing the person in the center of the photograph-think about the different compositions that we have discussed(vertical, radial, diagonal, horizontal, s-curve).
  • Capture personality, through gestures.
  • Make your model the subject and significant part of your photograph - remember you may need to get in CLOSE!!!!
  • Use your background to provide information that illustrates hobbies, lifestyle.
  • Use selective focus to avoid unwanted background information.
  • Think about where your subject is most comfortable, where does he/she spend most of their time/ what kinds of things are important to him/her?
  • Experiment with a tripod!
  • These are NOT senior portraits or MUG Shots!
  • You may “construct” your may follow your subject around and “capture the moment”....either way is acceptable.
  • The subject DOES NOT need to be looking at the camera. In fact, please try some photos where your subject is not looking at you.