Final Reflective Voicethread, Photo 3

Purpose: To reflect upon and document your learning and progress over time, visually and orally.

  • Choose at least 6 photographs from this semester that help to show your understanding and/or progress in Photo 3 since the beginning of the semester.
  • You must choose two digital images and at least 4 of your 35 mm film camera images that show your learning over time.
  • In some cases, you will need to photograph your black & white photographs and save a folder on your computer.
  • In a word document, write a short paragraph for each photograph that describes the assignment, why you chose this image, what your challenges were and/or what you learned. Please be specific, but concise.
  • Write an introduction that introduces who you are, Photo 3, fall semester 2008, and work that demonstrates your learning and progress.
  • Write a conclusion highlighting your learning and progress since the beginning of the semester. Prompts: What did you learn? What assignments were particularly helpful to your learning? What your next steps?
  • Create a Voicethread by uploading your images and recording your script.
  • On the last day of class, you will present your work to the class.