Final Project Written Critique

  • Please answer the following questions, honestly, thoughtfully, and using at least 4 sentences per questions.
  • Use a word document, print a hard copy.
  • Before answering the questions, please review your midpoint written critique.

Upon Completion, please make a folder and pass in the following:

  • Completed Rubric
  • Written Assessment
  • 4 Photographs
  • 3 Contact Sheets (for final project)

1. Discuss the purpose/intent of your final project photographs. Explain how you were successful in meeting your goals or how and why your idea changed; use your work as evidence to help your explanation.

2. Look at the work you found from completing the "connecting photographs" assignment. Explain how your final photographs were influenced by these photographs.

3. What did three important things did you learn as a result of completing the Independent Final Project? Please explain why they are important to your learning: